Shelli, Audrey, Da’Vonne, OH MY! ???

Not too much happened on Sunday’s night episode of Big Brother, but in case you missed it, I will do a quick recap. Becky’s two nominees – Jason and Steve – took on Shelli’s nominees – John and Da’Vonne – in the Battle of the Block competition. Jason and Steve won, dethroning Becky as Head of Household. The whole house is over Audrey’s antics and want her to be evicted this week. But Shelli wants Da’Vonne gone! Hmmm… it’s a tough situation there.

Here is what I think Shelli should do as HOH: Just so she avoids being a target for not going along with what the house wants, if she gets the chance to put up a replacement nominee, she should put Audrey up against Da’Vonne, (she won’t get blood on her hands and Audrey is expecting it, as is the whole house). Then once Audrey and Mama D are on the block, it’s up to the house to evict whomever they want. It would be in the houses best interest to keep Audrey for at least one or two more weeks because keeping her around will make nominations that much easier in the coming weeks; the players won’t be getting much blood on their hands by nominating her. BUT, would you be able to live with Audrey 24/7? Probably not.

I want to hear from you on two things; what do you think Shelli should do and who do you think will be evicted?

Tomorrow night we find out who will win the Power of Veto and who (if anyone) will be a replacement nominee.

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