Shailene Woodley was arrested for protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline recently, and we salute her for it. Fight the power!

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The actress and activist was arrested October 10th for protesting against the Dakota Access pipeline.
She, along with 27 others, pleaded not guilty last week to criminal trespass and engaging in a riot.
The protest was against a $3,8 billion oil pipeline construction project that The Standing Rock Sioux wanted halted,
As the pipeline could taint water supplies and encroach on tribal burial sites.
Protests supporting the tribe have been going on for months with 269 people arrested as of Sunday.
On her end, Woodley has continued her efforts to speak out against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
She gave a heartfelt speech at the Annual Environmental Media Association Awards on Saturday where she said
“I want to make sure that my grand-babies won’t have to buy a bottle of water for $20, because clean water is impossible to find… our water isn’t being contaminated, it IS contaminated.”
WOOF really tugging on the ol’ heart strings there Shaliene.
What do you guys think about the Dakota Access Pipeline? All in favor, all opposed?
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