Saturn Awards 2015 Nominations Live

For the first time in its 43 year history the 41st Annual Saturn Awards Nominations will be announced LIVE from studios in Hollywood. The announcements will be hosted by Chase Masterson of “Star Trek: Deep Space 9”, currently guest starring on The CW’s “The Flash”. She will be joined by Doug Jones of “Hellboy” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” fame and Naomi Grossman who you may know as Pepper on American Horror Story.

Following the announcement of the nominations, Masterson will lead a discussion about the nominations with genre film professionals/film enthusiasts Robert Burnett, Jon Schnepp, Mark Hughes and Max Schultz. They will be joined in the chat by Stephanie Pressman.

The event will be sent out live on the channels on Youtube and Dailymotion and is being co-produced with the Academy by and producers Stanley Isaacs, Susan Wrenn, and Lorna Paul.

About The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy Horror Films/Saturn Awards: The organization was founded in 1972 by Donald A. Reed. As a life-long fan of genre entertainment, he became noted as one of the leading authorities on Count Dracula. That dedication and passion soon took shape as the Academy and the Saturn Awards. Dr. Reed was devoted to the genres right up to his passing in 2001. The Academy is now headed by an equally-devoted group of enthusiasts including Mark Altman (film and television producer), Kevin and Bradley Marcus (feature film writers), and Robert Holguin who currently serves as President of the Academy.

With several hundred members in Los Angeles, the Academy holds official screenings of films for the purposes of award consideration. The group screens close to 100 films a year. The Academy has a large group of members who live outside of Southern California who join expressly to support the Academy and vote in the annual awards show.
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