Prepare for Season Six!

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Time to rejoice!  It was announced earlier today that American Horror Story was renewed for a sixth season!  Ryan Murphy already assumed it would be picked up having already chatted with Lady Gaga about returning.  The season has been one of the best with ratings afterall so it doesn’t come as a surprise that FX would bring back their bread and butter.  But what will the theme be next year?  Here are some fun (but not necessarily plausible) ideas…


AHS: Space

Evan Peters said in an interview earlier this year, he’s been hoping for AHS to take on the final frontier.  We’ve already had an alien encounter in Asylum, but could we explore further?!  I love the idea if they went Alien on us, bring in Sigourney for a cameo.  There’s so much you can play with it done correctly.  Otherwise you run the risk of being sci-fi other than horror.


AHS: Prison

Now hear me out on this, there are a LOT of haunted prisons out there.  And if Hotel and Murder House rules apply, there can be some pissed off ghost inmates in there as well.  Prison shows are hot right now, what with Orange is the New Black and all.  I think AHS could take on the challenge of showing the horrors of prison.


AHS: London

I know the show is AMERICAN Horror Story but I think it would be fun to go abroad and what better place to head than the land of Jack the Ripper.  I think you can play with the idea of classic London horror, there is afterall the London Dungeon, one of the biggest tourist attractions.  Many eerie tales comes from England and I’d love to see the beautiful sets Ryan Murphy could create.


What do you guys think?!  Where would you like to see season six take place?  Sound off below and tweet me @kristincarole13 with the hashtag #AHSAS !  And don’t forget to check out our AHS Aftershow!





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