Oscar Winning Writer for Crash, Bob Moresco

Guest: Bob Moresco

Projects: ’10th and Wolf’, (‘Crash’, ‘Million Dollar Baby’)

Crew Position: Writer/ Director/ Producer

Website: http://www.10thandwolf.com

10th and Wolf: starring, James Marsden, (X-Men) Giovanni Ribisi, Piper Perabo, Brad Renfro, Brian Dennehy, Dennis Hopper, Lesley Ann Warren and featuring Val Kilmer.

The intersection where family, honor and betrayal collide.

It’s good to meet and interview someone who’s work you respect. It’s even better when they’re as cool and as easygoing as Bob Moresco, who won an Oscar for co-writing one of my favorite movies, ‘Crash’.

If you’ve watched the show before you know I’m not shy about interjecting my opinions about filmmaking but when you’re sitting next to an Oscar winner for writing who is talking about writing, well it did give me pause. But you know what? Moresco loves talking about filmmaking and made me very comfortable speaking to him (hey I’m the host, I’m suppose to make him comfortable!)

I thought about asking him a whole bunch of ‘Crash’ questions but I said to myself the guy’s probably been asked those a billion times. So, while ‘Crash’ did come up and he did talk about his working relationship with writer director Paul Haggis, we really got into his latest directorial indie feature ’10th and Wolf’ and about some of the mechanics of writing.

I know I said he is cool and easy going but he is also a fellow east coaster who is very direct when it comes to being asked questions like how to break into the business and overcome writer’s block. Two good questions posed by viewers of the show, with two good answers by Moresco.

The movie is available on dvd through the website above or all of the usual rental outlets. Bobby also mentioned it’s currently on Showtime frequently as well. In addition, Moresco is very proud of ‘The Black Donnally’, the NBC show where he served as Writer/ Executive Producer with Paul Haggis that should also be available on dvd soon.

Four young Irish brothers are caught up in New York’s underworld of organized crime.

Lastly, Bobby suggested one way for writers to get better is to read great scripts… Here is a website I looked up where you will find many screenplays on-line for free…


Check out the show if you haven’t already. Moresco was passionate and informative. I really think you’ll enjoy hearing what he has to say about writing, directing, working with actors and his project. www.thestream.tv/filmnut will take you directly to all past filmnut shows. This is episode number 126.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!

Jeff Schubert

PS at the top of the show, I mentioned a website that has lots of reviews of indie films and interviewed me about the show and filmmking. The link to the interview is in the forum section. There direct website is:

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