Ms. Jessica Chobot and Ms. Splosion Man

This week on The All-New Game Show, hosts Jim Festante and Nikole Zivalich welcome special guest Jessica Chobot. Jessica hosts G4’s new hit show, G4’s Proving Ground. You may also recognize her from your Xbox 360 dashboard or her work with IGN.

COMBO, news you might have missed, focused on the week’s news. Topics included EA buying PopCap, Mass Effect 3 demo rumors, PCs learning how to play Civilization, and more.

Game of the week was Twisted Pixel’s Ms. Splosion Man. The game stars the female counterpart to Splosion Man. Was the over-the-top platformer exactly what the hosts were looking for?

Each month TGS (TANGS if you’re nasty) has a drawing for an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle. You can win tokens by guessing the right order of The Z List. Before each show you can enter to win a token by going to http// Since Ms. Splosion Man was on a quest to get married, The Z List was about the best failed video game marriages.

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