Live Band – Killola – on Live! From the Future

Killola, led by lead singer, Lisa Rieffel, will be on Live! From the Future Tuesday April 28th! According to, “Their music includes elements of garage rock, punk, power pop and alternative.” The band started playing together back in 2003 and back before anyone was listening to music on Myspace, they started posting their songs to Lisa’s Myspace page.

They have played many shows in and around LA and sold and distributed their albums through their website, you guessed it, Their latest album, “I am The Messer” is available as a completely free downloadable package on their Myspace page! In less than 3 months, they’ve had more than 30,000 downloads!

Mark Denton, for Analog Bits says it better than I can– “When not touring, or freely giving away their entire catalog of angst-tickled prog-pop, the femme-fronted foursome cook up other ways to seep into the backdrop of everywhere you’re just about to look, from hosting weekly pirate-radio shows on Dave Navarro’s Spread Radio Live, to infiltrating some of the Internet’s most popular videos by lending their songs (and faces) to viral outlets like “LonelyGirl15,” “Girltrash!” and “The Kings of YouTube.”

Word is that their live performances are their strongest vehicle, “With sass-dynamo Lisa Rieffel in the captain’s chair, wielding more presence than Santa Claus, and a smile capable of melting even the iciest of hipster jade-persuasions” all of you who tune in are in for a treat!

You can follow Killola on Twitter where they are giving away Johnny’s Bass!! Answer their questions and the first one to 500 points wins! You can check out their great video collection on YouTube too!

Get ready to rock out with Lisa, Johnny, Dan, and Mike next Tuesday 8pm PT/11pm ET on TheStream.TV!! If you have questions for them post ’em here!

PLUS, you can win sweet sweet SWAG from the band HERE!

And if you’re on twitter following Killola, follow us too @livefromfuture. We know, the “the” is missing. We get it. Characters are limited. Suck on that, @chittychittybangb (see, they can’t go all the way either…)

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