Just Say Neigh

We announce the Game of the Week, Burnout Paradise. Jim laments the insane load times of the new JRPG Lost Odyssey – everyone agrees that they’re looking forward to … watching it? The trailer uses Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” (reminiscent of Gears of War’s use of “Mad World”), which seems like an odd coupling. Jim talks about No More Heroes for the Wii, a fun game that answers the question, “What if The Bride from Kill Bill had a lightsaber?” No More Heroes may not be a definite buy, but it’s a definite rent! (Nikole’s Aunt Pam says hello!)<br><br>In honor of Valentine’s Day, Nikole presents the Top 7 Will They or Won’t They? couples in gaming. David introduces us to the horror that is My Horse and Me (for the Wii. Just say neigh.). We present a reaction video (2 Horses 1 Trough, our homage to 2 Girls 1 Cup). David runs down the list for the AIAS Awards (the Oscars of gaming). Particularly noted was Family Game of the Year Rock Band, which our viewers commented had a way of bringing families closer together (take that, Fox News!). We discuss the Game of the Week, Burnout Paradise – Jim says RENT, Nikole says PASS, David says RENT MINUS. Another piece of Pacmobelia is revealed, and a viewer wins a new DS game!

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