Iliza Sings Caga Tió (Poop Log) Song

In Catalonia, Spain, They have Caga Tió, the pooping log. A hollowed out log, which is propped up on four legs and painted to have a face. Every night, beginning December 8th, Caga Tió is “fed” and covered with a blanket (for decency) On Christmas Eve or Christmas day Caga Tió is put in the fireplace, beaten with a stick and ordered to “poop”. He is encouraged, along with the beating, by singing songs with catchy lyrics such as:caga tió (poop log) caga torró (poop turrón)?avellanes i mató (hazelnuts and cottage cheese)?si no cagues bé (if you don’t poop well)?et daré un cop de bastó. (I’ll hit you with a stick.)

caga tió!” (poop log!)When he is done pooping candies, nuts and such, Caga Tió will then give one last push to reveal an onion, a head of garlic or a salt herring.

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