Ian Somerhalder In His Birthday Suit… Yup Totes Naked!



As if we weren’t eager enough for the Season 7 premiere of Vampire Diaries on Thursday (October 8th) I’m about to drop a major hotness bombshell! Are you ready for it!? Ian Somerhalder just shared a new teaser clip on his Instagram and yup…. he’s naked. Ok, ok before you get too excited we don’t see EVERYTHING! It’s the CW not HBO.. So the rest will have to be left up to the imagination and we won’t complain one stinking bit!

Season 7 looks juicy and Ian’s Instagram teaser just gave me all the feels. (You can check out the clip here: TVD Teaser)

So keep teasing us all you want Ian, the TVD fandom is ready! #TVDAS is back this Thursday right after Vampire Diaries on TheStream.TV!

Catch up on last season’s After Show! 


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