Heroes Writer/Producers: Armus & Foster

Filmnut 224

Guests: Adam Armus & Kay Foster

Crew Position: Writers/ Co-executive Producers

Current Project: NBC show Heroes, features ‘Heat’ and ‘Amazon’

Past Projects: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, The Practice, Night Stalker, Keven Hill. (for the rest of their many credits see their imdb links below.)


Adam Armus and Kay Foster were more fun then I had hoped for. I knew coming in that they had a background and an affinity for comedy but sometimes you never know how comfortable a guest is going to be on camera. They were great. Among other topics, they dished out some good Heroes information that you might not be aware of, and talked a bit about the structure of writing an episode of Heroes and how they have worked together as a team. We touched on some of their past projects and two features they are working on.

When I asked them about writers block they gave a great answer of how writers block doesn’t exist! I love it!

As the story goes, they attended a Warner Brothers workshop designed to find new writers and help further them along. This led to their first gig, Hercules. For any writers out there who want information on the Warner Brothers workshop, you can go here:


Disney has a fellowship that you might also be interested in here:


Lastly, there is the Nicholl Fellowships:


Actually there are more out there but these are a few of the big ones to get you started.

Thanks again to Adam and Kay for being on the show!

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