Hailey Bright makes it into the funny books!

Yes, that’s right, true believers – Hailey Bright of COIN-OP TV fame has graced the pages of a recent Spider-Man comic book.  Dark Reign: The Goblin Legacy is a one-shot reprint of the Green Goblin’s origin story with a new story and art by Karl Kesel and Mike Mayhew.  The new story features a female character named Victoria Hand which has a near-perfect resemblance to Hailey Bright.  As it turns out, Hailey Bright had a photo shoot not long ago in which she acted out the scene and concept for artist Mike Mayhew to render later for the book.

So whether or not you are a Spider-Man or Green Goblin fan you should pick up Dark Reign: The Goblin Legacy comic book (July 2009) and take a peak inside to see what Hailey Bright would look like if she was a part of the Marvel Comics universe!

See the black & white early concept art here:

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