Gootecks Returns and EVO Predictions

Gootecks returns and we get a snapshot of what he was up to while he was away before he returns to save the fgc from the agents of esports. He then tells all about the events he’s been a part of in the past weeks: Ask Dr. Sub-Zero, the electronic dance scene, Newestra tv, and updates on the Cross Counter universe. He also breaks the news that Mike Ross has been proclaimed the “people’s champ.”

Then things move onward to EVO. Mike and Gootecks talk players and match-ups with predictions. Aris for (Soul Calibur 5), CD Junior for Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters 13- Balla, Super Street Fighter 4 AE- Justin Wong, Ultimiate Marvel vs Capcom 3- Justin Wong with Fanatiq in second, Street Fighter x Tekken- Mike Ross and Combofiend, Tatsu and Andy OCR, team sponsored by eternal rivals.

However, the question of the night is: Does Gootecks still have it? Mike and Gootecks duel it out in super street fighter 2012


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