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Hey Friend, family, loved one… and you too John Fulton.

Last night, Tuesday May 6th (El seis de Mayo!) at 8:09 PM Pacific, we welcomed with open bongs the inimitable laugh (stoner – table of one) and the leisure suit of Dave Warden (*Award winning rapper, actor, and overall 420-enthusiast). Dave has a very funny weekly video blog (v-blong) at

Also, we did some classic hits (Strictly Platonic gets – Platonic) and some new bits. Per ejemplo – “In Your Box” (we read your emails, comments, messages, heckles, etc.), Jessie and I re-enact an old-timey 1940’s anti-pot movie (in sparkling black and white video!) where I lay down 60 new terms for pot that you haven’t heard yet.

Johnny Fulton writes some #1 hits (just watch and listen to “In Your Box”), we play “Name that kind-of celebrity” with the worst album cover of all time, GIVE AWAY a free DVD of “The Fugitive” Season 2 (I know, I know – AMAZING), play “Give us the punchline”, AND – our roving reporter Zack Stoff calls us from a Rush concert in L.A. to tell us if he sees any groups of 3 or more women! (Spoiler alert – NO DICE!)

“LIVE! From the future… with Stuart Paap!” The #1 LIVE comedy show in the world (wide web)!

LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap! – The Weed Report

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