Game Over for TANGS & RCC

I wanted to bring back the craziness of the old school stream on Friday nights with The Game Show and Real Cool Club crew, but ultimately could not work out the logistics. I hope the viewers that have enjoyed these projects and want more episodes can understand that I have to consider many factors when choosing what gets produced, and what doesn’t. Make no mistake, I’m seriously proud of the run of glorious, high-definition shows I had the chance to produce with both crews.  Look out for TRCC elsewhere in the future, and don’t think you’ve seen the last of Jim, Nikole and Gweedz in the gaming community.

I know these shows will be missed and I can’t thank the viewers enough for their support. I don’t feel either show had enough time to grow given the short time back in production after almost a year off the air, but that’s show-biz I guess. To be honest, I’m sad to these show go. Hopefully, I’ll get to work with everyone in the future, maybe even with new shows on  But, I sure will miss all the cool photo-chop-shops you guys sent in, as well as my weekend editing sessions cutting The Game Show. Please continue to enjoy the archives and stay tuned for surprise occasions when I can get any of them back into the studio for visits. When I have time, I’ll try and release clips that never made it onto the web from these great shows.

Executive Producer
The Real Cool Club & The All-New Game Show

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