Flower Power Hour

A Power Hour and The Beatles Rock Band. Jim Festante, David Guida and Nikole Zivalich kicked off Nikole’s birthday with a power hour. That’s one shot of beer every minute for an hour. Combo news include: New York City schools incorporating video games into the curriculum. Rumors that the Wii’s price will drop. New Xbox 360 bundles are announced. Dutch retailers refuse to stock the PSP Go. Cheaters in Shadow Complex are being branded cheaters. Australia bans Left 4 Dead 2. This week’s Top 7 was The Top 7 British Badasses. Game of the Week was The Beatles Rock Band complete with a performance by the hosts. Spoiler alert: they got wigs. Kurt Cobain’s inclusion in Guitar Hero 5 caused a lot of controversy. The hosts sound off on the matter via puppet show. Stick around until the end to play along with Beatlesmobelia brought to you by Evo. We gave out FIVE tokens to win the XBox 360 during the grand prize drawing at the end of the month. Watch live for your chance to win a token too! Just follow us on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/thestreamdottv – (This episode has been edited down for timing.) This series is available on iTunes! Click here to subscribe! Executive Producer/Director BRIAN GRAMO : Host/Producer JIM FESTANTE Host/Producer DAVID GUIDA : Host/Producer NIKOLE ZIVALICH : Editor BRIAN GRAMO : Assistant Editor NIKOLE ZIVALICH

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