David Maples

David Maples is a Creator/Executive Producer/Writer of “In Plain Sight”, a great one hour dramedy on the USA network about the witness protection program, which is just finishing up it’s second season, and was recently picked up for a third.

Maples talked about the genesis of how the show came about, the challenge of blending comedy and drama, the process of casting the show and what they try to accomplish in each episode.

Mary McCormack heads a great ensemble cast that each bring a unique essence to their roles that, along with the writing, keep the show from becoming a cliche. In fact Maples goes on to say they go to painstaking efforts to keep it original or to bring fresh perspective on scenarios you may have seen before. The effort pays off! If you have seen the show you know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t, check it out on Sunday nights or go to the USA website (after you watch this interview!) and you can watch online.

We also got into some mechanics of writing, comparing ‘In Plain’ to some of Maples prior work on ‘Rugrats’ and ‘Home Improvement’, challenging scenes and episodes to write and a lot more.

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