Craigslist is the answer to dating…said no one ever.

I, for one, thought we would begin this episode with a forlorn Sheldon but, to my surprise, that was not the case. Sheldon was ready and willing to move on with his life after seeing Amy kiss her date goodnight, so he decides to enlist the expertise of his original matchmakers, Raj and Howard.


The plan they come up with is pure brilliance…”The Sheldon Cooper Girlfriend Experiment”!! Just the idea that some extremely intelligent, young woman is pursuing Craigslist, on a Saturday night, is as far fetched to me as there being someone more perfect for Sheldon than Amy. But low and behold, a beautiful young lady does show up at the door (albeit a few seconds after the deadline) and seems to be everything Sheldon could have imagined.


After a lovely little exchange, Sheldon (with his unique ‘unicorn’ self), tells her she’s a special lady but then reminds her that she missed the deadline. He thanks her for “playing” as he abruptly closes the door in her face. What?!?! I mean, I know he’s “Sheldon” but come on! He could have just given here her her first strike for being late…OR is it that he’s just not as over Amy as he thinks? What are your thoughts?

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