Bob Wiltfong from Nationwide Insurance commercials and The Daily Show

Nationwide is definitely on your side in this episode of Commercial Break where Rebecca forces Bob Wiltfong the “World’s Greatest Spokesperson” into the chair in front of our bizarre background that Bob keeps observing as a green screen? Bob shows everyone how to use their “actor space” by jumping out of the chair and embracing the entire set. We do believe he is the first person in our new studio to attempt such a feat. Brian picks on the sudden emergence of Rebecca’s Boston accent (she’s been watching way too many Ben Affleck movies). Did you just say “other” or “anothah” Rebecca? She quickly shifts the focus to Brian’s roots from “Dirty Jersey” and allows Mike and Bob to give major shout outs on every level to our chat stars all this accompanied by one incredibly awkward session of Ego Stroke. Senor Shutter is relieved when Rebecca finally acknowledges her obnoxious water bottle in the shot. Bob explains the difference between a real boulder hanging over your head from a tree and a fake one hanging over your head from a tree. Wait is that Bob vanishing like he’s a deductible? Did Bob sell out to the Jonas Brothers? Brian brings in special effects and adds to the craziness in this hilarious episode that you should not miss!

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