Celebrity-sex-psychic (enough hyphens?)

Last night we had Belinda Bentley on the show, (celebrity sex psychic) who works with people having problems… in the(ir) sack. I thought she was gonna talk to us about who wanted to have sex with whom (grammar?), or if Jessical Biel was really having those fantasies about me that Perez Hilton was talking about…

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While I may not have learned my future, she did confirm (internet rumors aside) than I am not gay, and if there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that a celebrity sex psychic who does “sexorcisms” (not my word) is an authority on who does and does not love the “man junk”.

We also did “Let’s get this guy LAID!”, a classic bit where we find one dude on the internet looking for love and see if we can get him some leads on ladies (this guy was looking for a Renaissance fair wench), also “Strictly Platonic” has some gratuitous butt cheek shots, and Jessie gets her future told!

We’ll be back LIVE in two weeks – with some major heat!

Maeantime, check out the archive here!

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