Blindsided Monica Padilla Sounds Off On Kimmi Kappenberg

Happy “Survivor: Second Chance” humpday! Last week Monica Padilla was blindsided and became the “Lost” equivalent of Nikki and Paulo – showed up for one episode and got nixed. Here’s what we didn’t get to see about Monica’s relationship with Kimmi Kappenberg.

Monica Padilla Survivor Second Chance

From Monica’s interview with The Examiner (click here for full interview)

“I was always closest, so I thought, with Kimmi. I thought Kimmi was my girl and she turned on me. I still don’t really understand why or what the reasoning was behind that. I mean I protected Kimmi from the onset. But I was really cool with Joe and Ciera. Kass and Tasha, I never really completely clicked with them. But overall I really thought that Kimmi was my go-to. I feel a bit betrayed by that, but it’s just life. The people you put the most trust in are sometimes the people that backstab you the most.”

From Monica’s interview with People (click here for full interview)

“The funny thing is that from Day Two, people were targeting Kimmi. And I was like, “Hey, how about Kass? Kass is crazy. Kass is like, psycho, too. Go after her.” I aligned with Kimmi on Day One, and I wanted to stay loyal to that. It sucks when the one person you actually trust is the one person who dug your grave… It’s funny. There were these giant, beautiful, gorgeous clams, and I was like, we’re going to be here for the next 30 days, let’s conserve them. They don’t grow over night. I thought I was cool with Kimmi. I just thought it was a simple little argument, but apparently it ran deeper with her. Maybe it had a drawback to her chicken days on the first days. It was so stupid.”

From Monica’s interview with Xfinity (click here for full interview)

“The first person I made an alliance with was Kimmi. She has a big mouth, she’s a New Yorker.  I was born there, I grew up there, awesome. I aligned with her on day one. I thought, this is sick, this is great. I aligned with Jeremy. Then we made good with Keith. So, the three of us set that with Kimmi. We said, “All the way to the end. Let’s go.” I was trying to play an old-school game and not overkill that. I don’t know where Kimmi just lost her (expletive deleted) against me. I don’t know if she had a chicken flashback or what. (Laughs)”

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