Big Balls Fantasy Football Promo

Hello Fantasy Football Fans! Are you sick and tired of having washed-up players in suits give you picks that don’t pay off? Or they give you picks that are on a bye week or haven’t scored in weeks?

BIG BALLS FANTASY FOOTBALL will put you out of your misery because it is the show BY REAL fantasy football fans FOR REAL fantasy football fans. Here at BBFF all of us, even the ladies, are all jersey wearing, beer-drinking, die-hard NFL fans.

Hosts JENILEE BOREK and GREG REIFSTECK are THE BEAUTY and THE BEAST of fantasy football experts. They aren’t just reading picks off of a teleprompter because some intern researched them. They have over 30 years of playing experience combined.

Each week their regular segments Jenilee’s REAL MEN and Greg’s BEAST MODE will bring you BALLsy picks to crush your competition
Other fun and useful rotating segments like ONE-HIT BLUNDERS, BALLS TO THE WALL INJURY REPORT, FOR YOUR INFORMATION, GAMBLE$ OF THE WEEK, USE ‘EM OR LOSE ‘EM, and SMASH AND GRAB will keep you one-step in front of other manager’s line-ups with waiver wire picks and bye week steals.

Greg and Jenilee also will have live interactive fan segments including answering fans questions about picks via twitter @bigballsfball, showing off photos from their fans from social media.




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