Beautiful Mistake…Aurora?


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It’s Thursday! That means we get a new episode of our favorite show, The Originals! Tonight’s episode is called “Beautiful Mistake”. So… I don’t know about you all, but I’m thinking that’s Aurora. I could be entirely wrong, but I still do not trust her. Yes, it’s been established from last week’s episode that Aurora had been compelled by Elijah to tell Klaus that she was no longer in love with him, but after she completed that task and the compulsion wore off, why has it taken this long for her to come back to him?

Has her brother Tristan kept Aurora in such seclusion that she wasn’t allowed to escape until now? I find that hard to believe, since we saw how powerful she is and how easily she was able to escape this last time. I wonder how Tristan was able to keep her contained and why she allowed him to do so for this long. I think Aurora is much more cunning and manipulative than she seemed to be in last week’s episode when she revealed her undying love for Klaus. Maybe she’s only trying to get back on his good side in order to find Rebekah (her sire) and keep her, and herself safe. I think those are her true motives. To have the capability to escape and reunite with one’s true love…don’t you think she would have found Klaus sooner?

Let’s get the conversation going! We want to hear your comments and thoughts about Aurora, her “love” for Klaus, and how Elijah and Klaus’ relationship is going to be now that Klaus knows the truth about Elijah’s secret.

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