Austin & Vanessa as HOH: Do You Approve? ???

Yes, I know I am writing this asking all of you super fans out there if you approve of the new Heads of Household, but I want to answer it too… YES I FRICKEN APPROVE!!!

These two players have been laying low so far and this is the time to make their presence known. Vanessa can be a beast of a player (remember she is telling the houseguests that she is a DJ – which she is, on the side – when in reality she is a professional poker player). The skills to bluff and build strategy for a poker game. Austin is a big, muscular guy, which in Big Brother language means he is a good competitor and people should fear him. Needless to say, this week will be an interesting one because I truly don’t know who they will nominate (besides Audrey to keep some blood off their hands)… Your thoughts? Do we think they can nominate power players?

Also, I am ready for some alliances to start happening, there is too much talk about back-dooring different houseguests. AND! How awesome was Da’Vonne’s thought about the twin twist, she was spot on!! I’m dying to see the houseguests faces when they see Liz and Julia (if they make it past the fifth eviction – that’s when both will be living in the house).

Let me know what you think about all of this!

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