All the J’s Get Nominated???

So tonight were the nominations and the Battle of the Block competition.

Liz nominated Jackie & James while Shelli nominated Jason & John. Clay talked to John, again, asking if he would feel comfortable throwing the competition. He said he can be put up as a pawn but will have to think about throwing another BOTB. He went into the competition wanting to win and it looked he and Jason were going to until Jackie and John came from behind and won! They dethroned Liz as HOH… I think Shelli should have thought about remaining HOH because it puts a big target on her back winning HOH twice so close together.

There is more drama with Audrey, shocker right? She told Shelli to put Jason up because she heard Jason is going to go after Shelli and Clay, which turned out to be a lie.

Jason is the main target, but it could change to Audrey. BUT Austin is running his mouth, too. Do we thing The Sixth Sense is going to go behind Austin’s back and evict him? Let me know by tweeting me at @KevinZelman and make sure to use #BB17AS!

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