Alison Haislip Reviews From Dust

Alison Haislip from G4 and NBC’s The Voice joins The All-New Game Show Crew to review “From Dust”. Alison Haislip has been a regular guest on The Game Show in the past and was eager to reprise her “green square.” COMBO, news you might have missed, focused on the week’s news. Topics included Nintendo 3DS price drops, the Humble Indie Bundle #3, PopCap and Make-A-Wish, Ubisoft’s DRM issues, and the battle for FemShep. The final new story focused on a discount for gamertags, will be the one to take Gweedz’s challenge. Game of the week was Ubisoft’s From Dust allows gamers to be The Breath. This god-sim combines elements from Lemmings and Populous as you manipulate water, dirt and lava to help a tribe on their quest. Is From Dust the game for you?

Each month TGS (TANGS if you’re nasty) has a drawing for an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle. You can win tokens by guessing the right order of The Z List. Before each show you can enter to win a token by going to http// From Dust focused on a tribe so this week’s The Z List counted down the best tribes in video games.

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