Ain’t Nothing Like A Good FBI Raid

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You know it’s a true gangsta party when the FBI raids your company and your babies mamas house hehe! That’s exactly what happened last week and we loved it. The true test of a families bond is how they band together when the going gets tough and that was the magic of last weeks episode.

Lucious, ever so eloquently lamented that you are the real deal when the Feds come after you and that no one , and he meant no one was going to threaten the Lyons Den. In other news Cookie, hehe looking as radiant as ever gives Anika another chance at “friendship”… Ish? Haha I mean I honestly feel bad for the poor girl.  But that olive branch does not come without conditions.. AS IT SHOULD!

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Now the real question I have to ask is why did the music video shoot with Jamaal and Hakeem look like a throwback to “California Love” with Dre and Pac??!! It was uncanny!!! And the cherry on top was the brotherly fight between the he two. I was certain .. For sure Hakeem was going to beat Jamaal senseless with that wouldn’t that have made for some REAL television? #BrotherlyLove.


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The real meat of the episode was centered around the relationships of the Lyons. We see Cookie being thrown in jail only to be interrogated by Detective Ford or as we like to call her Detective Boobies. That’s scene was so telling due to the fact that we get a glimpse of a Cookie that is not so strong and not so in control. Flashbacks of her locked up force her to do what she has to do to once again ensure the safety of her fam . In conclusion the kicker of the episode was Rhonda and Andre digging up Vernon and placing him in detective Boobies car! So much more to talk about but not enough time!!! Is it Wednesday yet? Lol

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