Acting Coach Howard Fine

Tonight on Filmnut, preeminent acting coach Howard Fine broke down some of the elements of his teaching approach. Some of the concepts we covered included:  the difference between actors who use “How” to play a scene versus “Why” (hint, why is better)…How an actor can meet the needs of the director and still stay true to an organic process. Consistency versus spontaneity, the importance of homework and rehearsal and a good talk about what actors can learn from athletes.  Howard became quite impassioned when talking about rehearsal, how to keep to it fresh and when done right you don’t have to worry about it killing spontaneity. Fine has worked with many stars, one in particular, Brad Pitt, had him flown down to the set to help work on Interview With A Vampire. Fine explained what exactly Mr. Pitt wanted to work with on and what adjustment was made. Fine’s book, a great read for actors is, Fine on Acting: A Vision of The Craft. His website is

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