A Dubai real estate developer just dropped $9 million on a license plate, which only had the number 5 on it. What would you do with a spare 9 mil?

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You know you have too much money when you spend $9 million on a license plate.

But that’s how they do things in Dubai!

Or at least how Balwinder Sahni does things.

The Dubai-based Indian property developer considers himself a “simple man.”

And I guess a license that reads just “5” is… simple?

But the price tag that comes with that is anything but!

And this isn’t even the first time Sahni has auctioned on a single digit plate.

Just last year he spent $6.7 million to obtain a number “9” plate.

Which pales in comparison to the $14 million an Abu Dhabi businessman paid at a charity auction in 2008 for a license plate with the number 1.

For Sahni, he considers he massive sum of money as a form of charity.

His millions were all spent in government auctions after all. SO thats one way to help boost the economy!

Now where do YOUR priorities lie. If you had an extra $9 million laying around would you buy a custom license plate for yourself? Is anything sacred?!

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