5 Things We Learned From Jamie Brewer!


If you missed our show last week, we had the adorable bundle of energy that is Jamie Brewer! She was an absolute delight and was just full of information from the second we started watching the show together. Some of it was on the show and some of it was while the cameras were off, so thought I’d catch you all up and list the things we learned from her.

  • Jamie stated that she wanted to get more into stunt work in her upcoming roles, would like Ryan Murphy to challenge her with more emotional roles, and would also like to show a little more skin next time around. Safe to say this girl is a true badass.
  • Jamie’s favorite actor she worked with in her time on AHS was Gabourey Sidibe! I really was expecting her to say Jessica Lang or maybe Sarah Paulson – super cool response and someone I didn’t even think of! She is great and I’m liking her on Empire right now!
  • When she got called in for a cameo on season 4, she had to pack and leave the next day! She said she is ready and waiting for a call for this season and will be ready to leave the same day if she has to! Crossing our fingers for her.
  • Jamie’s favorite character she’s played on AHS is ‘Nan’ from season 3!
  • Jamie was the first ever person with Down Syndrome to walk to runway at New York Fashion Week!

Any other Jamie Brewer facts you want to throw in there – tweet me @XavierBrinkman



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