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Alright, so although this second episode did answer a lot of questions opened up in the first episode, it did reveal a lot of random things that don’t quite make sense to me just yet. They’ve been on my mind all week and I need to get this off my chest! Any insight you may have would be lovely:

  1. Why do the Countess and Donovan drink the blood of the creepy kids after they drink the blood of the remaining Swede from the premiere? Is this a purifying process? And why did they not need their blood ‘filtered’ when they mutilated the couple from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery? These kids are still quite the mystery! What is their relevance and why is Gaga kidnapping them?
  2. What drug was Tristan Duffy crushing up at the fashion show? This was an off brown color and definitely wasn’t cocaine! Fans have commented in saying “Oxycodone,” but I guess I’ll have to brush up on my hard drugs before next episode!
  3. Who Was Mr. March’s wife? My first thought was The Countess – makes sense right? She inherited the hotel (Gaga definitely acts like she owns the place), her voice sounded similar and she had blonde hair. Sounds like a safe bet to me, but my talented co-host Kristin threw in the curve ball of Emma Robertson.. Touche Kristin.. Touche.
  4. Sara Paulson’s teeth what the!? I know she’s a ghost and all but are they able to just regrow limbs and various useful body parts? What’s the rule here? One knowledgable fan wrote in “Ghosts can regrow any part of their body faster than humans. Remember the first season on the last episode where the Harmon’s tricked the other family as Ben “shot” Vivien and Viven “killed” Ben?” Ok true, but when you say “faster than humans,” how fast are we talking here?
  5. The relevance of Chloe Sevigny’s house call? Still a little confused on how this scene is going to tie in? She gave that house wife a firm talking to on childcare (despite having misplaced her own kid a few years earlier), but how is this going to tie in? Will The Countess call on her to inspect one of her vampire kids for Chickenpox?


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