Waiting on the CW For Answers


There are so many questions running through our minds! Is Klaus’s sire line really going to die off? What does Aurora’s return mean? Where have Cami and Davina been? Come on CW, give us some answers!

Us ladies at The Originals After Show don’t think there’s any way that Klaus will be killed. I mean, the whole show revolves around the sarcastic, egotistical vampire, how could they ever change that?

We also were super impressed with Marcel in episode 4. His muscles while running and his ability to outsmart the ancient was impressive to say the least. Watching Hayley demand answers and stick up for herself was also a highlight of the episode!

Now, we just want more answers on our ten thousand other questions. Will tonight’s episode give us what we’re hoping for? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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