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Founder Brian Gramo

theStream.tv airs live, interactive entertainment every weeknight via live video sites such as Justin.tv and Stickam.com.  All episodes are also made available to watch on-demand on this website, iTunes, and Zune.  The site was founded by Brian Gramo who aired the first batch of live episodes out of his bedroom in Santa Monica.  Over the past three years, the network has continued to grow.  Viewers now enjoy a variety of interactive programming ranging from video games to filmmaking.

theStream.tv's third studio on Miracle Mile in Los Angeles, California means convenient and frequent appearances by celebrity guests.  Prizes including t-shirts, video games, and the XBox360 console give-a-way every month help reward loyal fans for their viewership.

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"Truly pioneers within the online television media. It's clear to see that Brian and the rest of the crew are producing the shows and events here at Thestream.tv with a clear passion for entertaining an audience." These words are taken from PokerListings.com's review of theStream. PokerListings.com is a website to another great online entertainment online which is online poker and the reason why they are reviewing and supporting us in our work is because they believe in helping out online resources that also provide entertainment.


When we're streaming live, the best way to interact with the shows is in the chat rooms or via instant messages. If you've got a business proposal, use email or call us during the afternoon Pacific time!


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